zinedine zidane en suisse

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caramel 15/06/2007 06:17

Merci gui-gui-59, I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gui-gui-59 14/06/2007 20:04

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caramel 11/06/2007 01:53

Televisonay, are u the same person as Talia_Leo in the zizou-fans site?? If so, I have to tell you, you sound really crazy, dude!!!! It is embarrassing how desperate and pathatic you are!!! You hate everybody in the world except zizou!!!! What is your problem?? Get some help!!!And stop drooling over celebrities, It is sick!!!  Only ugly people do that!!!!Zizou doesnt care and nor do we how much u wet your fucking pants over him.