zinedine zidane deuxième meileur joueur de l'année

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Sarah 17/02/2007 03:21


Pauline 06/01/2007 19:36

It takes these stupid French 2 days to only go and translate what it is yu are writing. They are so dumb. Dont even bother with them. And I agree thoes ugly chicks and guys always want to get other girls angry. Thats the only way they can get some attention. Pathatic.

Azerty 06/01/2007 17:39

Well said Minou and "me"...

minou 06/01/2007 03:20

Caramel, you keep saying you're not going to talk to us anymore, but you still do.  By the way, a "hoe" is a garden tool.  The slang word you mean to say doesn't have an e.  Now aren't you sorry you started this whole thing by flying off the handle and ranting about the French being stupid and not knowing how to write proper English?  You come to a French blog and complain about their poor English, yet you don't even try to communicate in French.  That's pathetic.  What are you studying at Northwestern?

me 05/01/2007 22:14

haha I love my name, cause I don't think I should bother finding a creative name if I only have to leave a sarcastic comment here and there on this blog. *lol*anyway...I agree with azerty, you are getting very funny. don't u realise that you're making a fool of yourself? if not then I am seriously sorry for you...I'm sorry if you think you can provocate us or anything. if you wanna hit someone here, you have to use normal language and stop throwing around insults. cause the way you are talking right now only makes everyone laugh. *haha* you're like one of these rappers on television who say fuck all the time and think they're cool. *lol*