zidane honore à Pegomas

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Gurbetci 24/05/2007 01:55

dear wassi ,you're welcome :)
video about this news
Zidane - Pégomas 01/05 2007

wassi 12/05/2007 09:23

 Merci  beaucoup flo et Gurbetci  pour cette magnifique photos gros bisous je vous adore

abril 12/05/2007 03:33

Don`t Worry, Gurbetci, and thanks. I can`t see the Flo`s links too. This is not my day. I`ll go to sleep, better, for not cry!!!!!   

Gurbetci 12/05/2007 03:28

hi abril,actually these are old pictures.i just want to share.about links;i think you have  to copy and paste. because i have no idea how can i write links correctly .so sorry  :(

abril 12/05/2007 02:57

Gurbetci!!!!! You are making me crazy!!!! What is that about "zizou and his smile"? I can`t open the photos, and I am desesperate! Have you write the links well?